Why Businesses And Executives Choose

Art Virtual Executive Assistant

We offer a wide range of virtual solutions to meet your business needs. Our goal is to be integral to your success – one call at a time

Not in the Office? We answer the calls in your companies name and transfer the calls to your cell phone or landline.

All your calls are answered, even when you are not in the office. Inspire loyal customers with an exceptional customer experience.

What We Offer

Call Management Services

Instead of hiring another person to sit at the reception desk for the day, the calls are routed to the number we provide and transferred to the relevant person.

We answer the calls in your companies name and can provide answers to your Customer’s questions that appear instantly on your agent’s script.

We transfer calls to your mobile, and take your messages when you are not available, so we are basically the receptionist just in another building.

We are able to answer any general enquiries regarding the services you offer, and general information about your company

We provide cold calls on the companies behalf, selling or marketing their product or service, a database and script for these calls

We also manage your diary, confirm meetings and appointments so you can focus on growing your business.


Working Effectively

Choose a Virtual Assistant Plan for Your Productivity and Success

We have different packages for different businesses depending on call volume and required services.

Our Price Plans

Choose a Monthly Service Package

Entrepreneur Plan


Reception Minutes
Transferred Call Minutes
Diary Management
Message Service by Email
starter Plan


Standard Plan


Advanced Plan


Need a bigger plan? No problem. Get in touch and we’ll discuss your exact requirements.

About Us

The ART Call Management Service is proudly developed & provided by ART Technologies

ART TECHNOLOGIES is an IT solutions company that provides end to end IT support. We implement and design IT networks with security solutions that protects all your data. What sets us apart from other IT companies is that we listen to our customers “needs” and “wants” and provide them with quality service that will increase productivity and reduce costs.


How Does It Work?

This is how the Art Call Management Virtual Receptionist Process Works!


Call Comes In From Client

Too many phone lines, not enough hands? Incoming calls are answered by the dedicated Virtual Reception in your company name. 


Your Virtual Reception Answers

No more “one moment please” as we handle your calls from beginning to end. Your Virtual Reception will take a message or transfers the call to your Cellphone  or Dedicated Landline


If Your Are Not Available

Stop losing potential revenue because you’re missing calls? Your Virtual Receptionist will take a message and send it to you via email.


Your Client Is Happy

Your clients will feel listened to and their message heard. Our virtual receptionists’ focus solely on your clients.